Our day to hike

We’ve been wandering around the park getting the lay of the land and finally decided on the hike we wanted to do.
We drove out to Cape Royal and walked a couple of short paths, Angels Window( can you see the Colorado river through it?) and the connecting Cape Royal path. Just a warmup for the Cape Final trail.
It’s listed as 2.1 miles each way. Beautiful forested path through the tall ponderosa pines. When we got to the end of the trail, the views were yet again astounding. This time we had to climb up a rock cap to the top to see those views. It was very windy and Susan was not too sure about it but managed to smile while up there. We hung around for about thirty minutes before starting back. Ricks Runmeter was telling us we had already gone 2.4 miles so by the time we got to the car, we had gone nearly five miles. A great hike but we were very tired. Glad we had done some practice hikes at home.
We got back to the campground and cleaned up with our warm sun shower water including washing our hair! Feeling like humans again and ready for heading east to Colorado.

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