Voter Brook overlook campsite

It started raining around 3:30 as we left Rutland. We were headed to moosalamoo campground in the National forest but when we finally found it, it was closed. A nice young man told us about disbursed camping about a mile down the road. When we found a site it was really raining.
We set up both awnings for some protection and used the hatch over the kitchen for some more protection. We ate some decent food sharing it with Simon and by 7 pm we had to go inside. We were in there marveling at how warm and dry we were and how hard it was raining. Where did all that moisture come from?
The rain slowed down by midnight and at 7 am it was stopped. We packed up everything with the hope that we would find a laundromat. We did. In Waterbury. Made a reservation for two nights at Little River State Park. Hope there’s no rain tonight.

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