Long travel day

It started raining about 6:30 am and rained hard most of the day. Huge lightning and thunder. Even a tornado warning at St Joseph Missouri. Made it undesirable to get out and see any sights along the way. So we just kept driving.
We arrived at Lovewell State Park near Webber, Kansas around 6 pm having been on the road for 12 hours. We smartly decided not to keep going to Salida.
We picked a nice site, had a quick dinner and at dark went to bed. At 5 am, we were on the road again feeling like outlaws when we exited the park since we didn’t pay for our site. We left such a small footprint that we didn’t feel too bad 😬.

Crossing the Mississippi

Looking west to Colorado and sunshine

Leaving the rain behind us

Lovewell reservoir from our site

Our “free” site

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