Busy day

We decided to be tourists today and went on the Twin Lakes boat tour. Jim and Lexi were our tour guides and boat handlers. Both had been doing boat tours for a good portion of their lives; Lexi was a commercial boat commander on large boats on the Mississippi.
The tour included information on the geology of the area and a tour of Interlachen. We’d been there on foot before but not on a tour so we picked up a few new fun facts about the place. Simon was allowed to join us and he was very well behaved. There were four other tourists on the tour from Iowa. We stayed far away from them since there were not wearing masks.
After the tour we took a drive to the top of independence Pass so Simon could play in the snow. He (and we) were not disappointed! It’s 17 miles from Twin Lakes to the top. Susan has a fantasy about riding her road bike up there. She thinks she may have missed her window.
We also checked out some disbursed camping on the pass. Found a couple of nice spots along the creek. Maybe next year?

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