Guernsey State Park

We got here about 11:00 and snagged a site with its own beach! It’s about 30 steps (concrete) and the water felt so good! We even got Simon out in it and he swam back – so we can swim!
It was almost 100 degrees and we really didn’t have the energy to go to Fort Laramie. We took a drive around the park (in air conditioning!) and saw some historic spots. One was The Castle built in the 1930’s. It’s really a picnic spot with a great view.
Then as a special treat, we cvc took showers! Felt so good c have clean hair again. When we got back to our campsite, we sat at “our beach” and waited for the sun to go down a bit. We are going to Fort Laramie tomorrow. Finally the Oregon Trail sites!

You can see our white canopy and stairs to “our beach “

The castle

Happy face

Rick at our beach

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