Oregon trail ruts and Fort Laramie

We started our day early while it was still relatively comfortable. The ruts were amazing and as we walked on them and through them we realized it was such an example of the human desire to go and finish something. Just being in that space made me humble.
We then went to Fort Laramie but it was already too hot. We slowly visited most of the buildings while listening to the audio tour. Pretty interesting but too hot to fully enjoy.
Rick bought a one day fishing license since we see large fish at our beach. We filled up our coolers with fresh ice then came back to our campsite and cooling off at the beach. We saw those fish but they wouldn’t take Rick’s bait. We made Simon swim some more and just hung out there for the rest of the afternoon. It was 98 degrees when we got back.
We are heading west tomorrow away from the prairie and back towards Colorado. Not sure of the exact route yet.

Mormon hand/push carts.

Replica wagon

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