Thoughts about Guernsey

Our two days here were unexpectedly pleasant. Our site on this point gave us privacy and space. The ability to easily get into the cool water was delightful. Even Simon went down for a dip all by himself!
This site was most likely where a summer cabin was a long time ago. The long driveway, the concrete steps on both sides of the point and remnants of some sort of dock made us wonder what happened here. There’s evidence of a fire on the hills along the opposite banks so maybe this place was a victim of fire. What a great spot for a summer place! We were really fortunate to get this one.
We did realize however that having some sort of watercraft would make this place ideal.
The birds were so fun to watch and listen to. There was one bright orange small one that chirped in front of me for at least 5 minutes before flying away. The duck family in our cove was another special treat as they followed mom to the other side.
The trains that ran back and forth all day and night were more interesting than annoying. Where does all that coal go? And fedex uses trains?
Relaxing, fishing, sightseeing and reading our books made these two days seem like a real vacation. We won’t miss the Wyoming wind but the sunsets were sure pretty.

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