Heading east

Our trip east has begun. We headed out on highway 50 towards Pueblo. Thought we would explore Bents Old Fort which on the map looked close to the highway. Not so. Went about 15 miles to the fort which was built as a trading post in the 1800s. It’s out there in the photo. We opted out to tour it since it was getting late in the day and all the tours had ended.
Got to Lamar, picked up some dinner and ate while driving towards Scot State Park in Kansas. Got to Leoti and decided to stop for the night. We are parked behind a building that looks safe. Plan to get up early and get coffee in town before figuring out where to next.
We were pleasantly surprised by the farmland east of Lamar. Lots of big tress and green (not brown). We could see for miles in all directions and the sunset was spectacular. Note: listening to a book really makes the time go by.

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