Knob Noster State Park

We were on the road before dawn which was at 7:45 local time. While searching for a coffee shop we stopped at a small bakery. All they served was instant coffee! We left. Found another place full of high school kid’s getting their caffeine on. Tomorrow we will make our own brew.
We traveled highway 96 which is pretty much a straight road through Kansas. The towns along the way are representative of Americana for sure.
When we got near Kansas City we decided to stop by Missouri Teardrop trailers where we got our camper. Rick has some ideas for more upgrades. Dana told us about this park about 30 minutes east.
Five stars! We needed a reservation and the person who helped us picked site 67. There’s no one in this part of the park. Some nice folks came by asking for a tour of the T@G. They are getting ready to buy one.
It was dark by 7:15 and that’s when the raccoons are out🙀. They didn’t even wait for us to go to bed. Everything was put away by then but they sure were persistent!
Cost was $11 and we both took hot, hot showers! No quarters, no time limit. Simon got to sleep outside so he could keep the raccoons away.

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