Boondocking in vandalia, Illinois

We reluctantly left our site at Knob Noster heading to St. Louis. We took a side road to follow the Missouri River that was a scenic highway on the map. It was a beautiful ride following a bike path and was also part of the Lewis and Clark trail. We were so taken with it and also listening to our audio book that we (I) missed the turn for I-70. We didn’t even take any pictures. They wouldn’t have done it justice.
We got outside of St. Louis and thought it might be a good idea to give Simon a bath. We found a self wash place and gave him the treatment. He hates it but he is so clean and fluffy. The smell of skunk 🦨 is still evident but only when he’s wet.
On to the arch! Finally found a parking lot and walked to the arch park right on the banks of the Mississippi. Amazing structure. The ride to the top was sold out and Rick thought it was getting too late for him to visit the museum so we left with a promise to return on the way home.
Stopped for the night in vandalia, Illinois at Walmart. Unhooked the camper and took two spots where we were by ourselves. The hum of the air conditioner was like white noise and drowned out some of the street noise and trains. Woke up to heavy fog and humidity. My sandals had puddles of moisture! Not sure where we will end up today.

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